Tips for Reducing Burn Out For AP Government Teachers

Burnout is a topic for every year, but especially this year, with everything being new and uncertain. I’ve written about my reflections on remote teaching. I have been working with teachers all summer and listening to teachers, as well as brainstorming. If we are honest here, it’s time to be selfish about your time and […]

Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Introduction

I teach AP Government in a semester, which is fine first semester. I relish in 92 days to teach the curriculum. I wish I had a year, but I have fine-tuned the semester and feel good about it. That was until I looked at my second semester. Between three holidays, a two-week break, FIVE late […]

For “Those” Days

Ever have those days where half your class is gone? Here is a lesson to keep them engaged, but not get too ahead on content.

The Content Dragon

To start, my class is a semester long. This semester, I have 17 less instructional hours than I did from last semester. I am grappling with field trips, college visits, and most recently a threat to the campus that left me with about half of my classes. I’m making a calendar for my 1st semester […]

Teachable Moments- Birthright Citizenship

When tensions run high, how do you bring it back to the curriculum?