Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Week Two and I need some more coffee

Week 2 Days 5-9 (2 block days) What was covered this week: Day 5: Signed up in MyAP (Not very user-friendly) and talked about the issues and compromises of the Constitutional Convention.  (1.5) Day 6: Federalist 51 from MyAP and we listened to High Crimes and Misdemeanors (We did not do Clinton v. New York, […]

Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Unit One Resources

To start off the series, I wanted to make a resource page; for myself, for my students, and for any teacher out there who needs it. This is what I will be drawing from as I plan this unit. Today, I took all the stickies off my CED and put the information in a document. […]

Teaching how to write better argumentative essays in AP Government

Besides teaching AP Government, I also teach 8th grade. In one of my classes, I have 31 students and the other has 10. Every time we do class discussions, I have to really figure out how to vary the instruction to allow all students to talk and learn. This also allows me to try new […]

Discussing Citizens United

Oh campaign finance. The wonderful world. {take a deep breath and continues to pretend it’s super fun!} *I take 2 regular and 1 block day for this. On Friday, I assigned Citizens United v. FEC. They are not writing the DBQ, but using the documents (including Federalist 10) to prepare for a Socratic discussion on […]