Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Week 3 of Remote Teaching, Defendant’s Rights and Privacy

Another week of remote learning down and I’m starting to realize that I need to slow down and not try to do everything at once. There are a lot of great resources out there, but don’t drown in the pool of information. Here is our week as posted in our Google Classroom : Here is […]

Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Week 2 of Remote Learning with Civil Liberties

Well, I think the dust has settled long enough for me to see the finish line. After a two-week spring break, a week of teacher work and lots of meetings, and last week getting all the students on the same page, I’m ready for content. Oh, and the webinar from Trevor Packard with our new […]

Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester: Unit Three Resources for eLearning

Raise your hand if you save Unit Three for the end and now are wondering what to do since the test will only cover Units 1-3? Not going to lie. I went for a LONG walk and stewed. During the walk, though, I realized that this is all new for everyone and I had a […]

Writing Argumentative Thesis Statements: Elementary and Secondary

Things are hard lately, but I’ve seen so much light. I pulled an Affirmator card today ( I read it in my stories on Instagram @teachingapgovernment!) and realized that I need to keep the flow going. Others may be doing this, but I need to keep it going. I love to write, and as an […]

Extended School Absences/Closures

We are in unprecedented times. It’s uncertain. And many are wondering what we are going to do for the AP test. As someone who has a chronic illness, I think about MY extended absences a lot, and have safeguards built-in for days I need to be gone. We have one more week of our scheduled […]

Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Week Nine Practice Exams and SPRING BREAK!

Week 9, Days 38-42 What was covered this week:  Day 38: Lecture on political socialization. Day 39: We took a multiple-choice AP practice exam as a marker for our more than halfway point. I used the exams on Albert.io, but there are a plethora of tests out there.    Day 40/41: Students really needed to […]