Extended School Absences/Closures

We are in unprecedented times. It’s uncertain. And many are wondering what we are going to do for the AP test. As someone who has a chronic illness, I think about MY extended absences a lot, and have safeguards built-in for days I need to be gone. We have one more week of our scheduled […]

Polling Two Pager

It is close to the end of the third quarter for us. Kids are exhausted. We just finished up our Participatory Budgeting project, which was amazing. We got 84% of our school to vote on the initiatives and the margin was only 20 votes. This is something our district is sponsoring. It took a whole […]

Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester: Week 7 The Judiciary

Week 7, Days 29-32 What was covered this week: Literally, I just kept Federalist 78, the Judiciary, and an argumentative essay without the argumentative essay because my students killed the seminar and brought in ALL the Fed Papers, and all the evidence. I’m not going to lie, this is hard. I’m juggling too much. Outside the […]

Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester-Unit Two Resources for the Presidency

Enduring Understandings: The presidency has been enhanced beyond its expressed constitutional powers. Related Posts: Congress and the President The American Presidency AP Writing Skills: Concept Application Data Analysis Argumentative Writing Required Documents: Federalist 70 22nd Amendment Key Vocabulary: Part II: President Cabinet member Ambassador White House Staff Appointment Powers Expressed Powers  Implied Powers Inherent Powers […]