What do you teach? What does your schedule look like?

I currently teach AP Government to seniors and work in teacher development. My AP Government class is a semester-long. We have 3 traditional days a week (56 minute classes) and 2 block days (113 minutes), so I see my students 4 times a week. I am also on a modified year-round calendar so I start in July, have 2 weeks off in October, December, and March, ending with graduation at the end of May.

Do you have a copy of your lesson plans?

I keep a copy on Planbook. I don’t always update them in time because lessons are truly based on how well my students are doing on a topic.

Can I be a part of your Google Classroom?

This space is strictly for my students. If you have questions, please reach out, but I will not add people to Google Classroom.

Do you have a copy of all your unit plans?

As of Spring 2020, I do not yet have them all done. I am working unit by unit through this semester. I am utilizing the CED to create my pacing as well as making sure I’m teaching what I need to, not just what I think they need to know!