How I Organize My Units

(…or pretend to)

Please note that this is the PLAN for this semester… We all know how plans go 😉 I know many people start with Political Ideologies and Beliefs, which I think would be awesome. I may try it next semester.

I have the Edwards 2016 Presidential Election. I mean, I will have. They are still on order (of course) but I still have notes and use other sources to fill in the gaps.

In parenthesis is what I spent for 1st semester 2018-2019
Unit 1: Foundations of American Democracy (3 weeks, 2 days)
Chapters 1-3
Unit 2: Interactions Among Branches (5.5 weeks)
Chapters 11-15
Unit 3: American Political Ideologies and Beliefs (3 weeks)
Chapters 6-7
Unit 4: Political Participation (2 weeks)
Chapters 8-11
Unit 5: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (3 weeks)
Chapters 4-5
1 week for final exams!
As for the last 3 chapters on policy making, I interweave them into other units and the AP Macro teacher teaches a lot of it as well since I only have a semester class!

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