Civil Rights- Gender Discrimination

Have I ever mentioned how much I love podcasts? This is a quick assignment that can be assigned for homework {I give my student more than a few days} and discussed in class using the questions below. This fits TOPIC 3.10 Social Movements and Equal Protection. In the Illustrative Examples is Reed v. Reed, which is […]

Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Introduction

I teach AP Government in a semester, which is fine first semester. I relish in 92 days to teach the curriculum. I wish I had a year, but I have fine-tuned the semester and feel good about it. That was until I looked at my second semester. Between three holidays, a two-week break, FIVE late […]

Teaching Controversial Topics… like abortion laws

    As I scroll through social media, it’s hard to miss that Georgia and Alabama have recently passed the nation’s strictest abortion laws. So, naturally, when students walk in they want to know what I think. I think that certain factions are trying to overturn Roe v. Wade (my standard response, which my students […]