Teaching AP Government in a Shortened Semester- Collection of Podcasts

Podcasts are my jam.

There are so many amazing resources out there, and I want to make sure I can teach in a way that doesn’t short the students or overload them. I often recommend podcasts to my students as well as documentaries to watch outside of school for extra learning opportunities and figured that I can add them to their required readings… which I don’t assign because I got tired of fighting that battle. I do assign documents, articles, and other resources, but to be frank we do not ever open the textbook. I figure I can assign podcasts and create discussions in our Google Classroom.

In this planning stage, I started to look at the podcasts I already listen to. I got my trusty CED binder and some sticky notes and started on my way.

I have so far:

Here we start… I have so many resources and it’s about time I started to sort them into what I can use to help my students succeed!

Have you used podcasts in the classroom?


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One Comment Add yours

  1. John Mercer says:

    I have had good success with WaPo’s “Constitutional” by Lillian Cunningham.


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